Meet Supplier Compliance Management AI analysis: Instantly review vendor documents

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

When you’ve hundreds of suppliers, it’s a fiddly and time-consuming task to download, open and review every document they upload to your compliance management system. Just to check that it is correct – that it’s the right document, that it meets your criteria, and you know when it expires.

But it’s necessary.

Unfortunately, t’s too easy for vendors to upload any word or PDF document - a genuine mistake or otherwise. And when you need to absolutely know that your supplier, for example, has $5,000,000 in public liability insurance, an in-person review is needed. It doesn’t matter that its time-consuming.

Or at least that used to be the case before we developed AI document analysis.

Announcing AI document analysis

Made to solve this problem and lighten the load of supply chain and ESG managers, this new feature uses generative AI to review the uploaded document against the criteria that you specify. Possible criteria include document expiry date, document format, what type of document (contract, insurance certificate, policies) and insurance cover levels.

AI document analysis works out of the gate with PDFs and word documents – the two most common formats of document uploads. Documents that have been scanned as PDF is coming soon.

In the same EVA Check-in Supplier Compliance Management portal you use to create new vendor verification processes, you now toggle this feature on and select the fields you need – verify document type and verify expiry date. You can even set custom checks to confirm commonly expected statements are included, like “The total sum insured is at least $5,000,000.”

When a supplier’s documents have been reviewed – and if a potential inconsistency arises this is flagged against the supplier’s application. This leaves you with two options – to get in touch with them personally to ask them to try again or EVA Check-in can email them for you, automatically.

Custom checks and inconsistencies

You can set custom checks to confirm statements like "The total sum insured is at least $5,000,000" or "The document includes a policy number." We recommend a custom check like: "The document contains all information usually found in a public liability insurance certificate." GPT will compare the document with it's modelled knowledge to assess whether it matches.

If if a potential inconsistency arises between the actual document and the set criteria, this is flagged against the supplier's application. You can see exactly which criteria were passed or failed and why.

Importantly, the supplier can also see whether their document has passed the AI check at a high level only or whether they need to upload a replacement document to continue with their verification.

This 60 second video outlines the highlights.

Built-in AI protections

Here at EVA Check-in, we're keen to use generative AI to help you be more productive – but we know that checks and balances are needed, too. That's why we've included protections like:

  • AI document analysis is set to off by default.
  • The AI analysis is protected so that your vendor's documents remain private and are not shared publicly with any models.
  • The AI analysis is limited to this feature. Your data remains private to you.
Ready to speed up your supplier document reviews?

AI document analysis is now live in every EVA Check-in Supplier Compliance Management account. If you're already a customer, simply log in and toggle the switch to on in your admin area! Not using Supplier Compliance Management yet? Book a short demo here to see it in action!

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