Custom check-in: tailored processes to gather information

Andrew Taylor

20+ years in technology & innovation

Need to do something a bit different to the standard check-in process? Ask your visitors some questions before they arrive onsite, or check they have all the relevant documentation?

With these EVA features you can create custom check-in processes to meet your specific visitor management and check-in requirements.

Use custom check-in processes to collect extra information from your site visitors

The standard check-in process in EVA Check-in includes 3-4 steps:

  1. Accept Health & Safety declaration
  2. Select visitor type (if configured)
  3. Enter details – eg name, phone, email, address
  4. Optionally, select who you’re meeting with

The default process is designed to be simple and fast, but sometimes you need more.

Pre-screen before arrival

Protect your workplace with pre-screening of all staff, visitors and contractors before they step on site. With EVA Check-in you can send  pre-arrival questions via an email or SMS link to anticipated visitors.

In these COVID times, you might want to ask some extra health screening questions before visitors arrive, or check their vaccination status.

You could also use pre-arrival screening to check contractors have the correct licence to operate safely and in compliance with the relevant rules on your site.

Easy, tailored inductions

Deliver relevant induction info directly to contractors on their mobile phones, before they arrive or as they check in.

Display more detailed induction information on sites with more hazards.

Provide different induction information to different types of visitors.

Survey your visitors and collect valuable data

Ask your visitors about transport mode and distance when they arrive, view all responses, and use this data to plan transport and parking, spot trends, or report on sustainability measures.

Enable custom check-in processes to collect the information you need, while making sure that your visitors, contractors and staff have the information they need.

Get EVA Check-in, or contact us to get started with custom processes.

Traffic light system highlights problematic check-in responses

Responses can optionally have rules applied, which trigger a specific response and mark the check-in red/amber/green.

In the pre-arrival example below, if someone is fully vaccinated their check-in is marked green, but if they are unvaccinated it is marked red , triggering the message “Please call our health and safety officer before you arrive.”

These traffic light rules are fully configurable, and allow you to see at a glance whether a visitor’s check-in is marked red, amber or green.

How do I get started with custom check-in processes?

Custom check-in processes is part of our advanced and premium plans, and can be enabled per site. If you'd like to see how custom check-ins could elevate your health and safety process get in touch today.

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